1. Hacking

We are a fair play clan and want to keep it that way, members who show signs of any form of hacking, glitching or exploiting a game in which its not intended to be played, will be possibly removed from NATO. A VAC Ban on steam is a lifetime ban from NATO. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT, so don't do it.

4. No Multi clanning or Clan hopping.

This one is obvious. If we ever find out your multi clanning, or known to hop from clan to clan with little loyalty, you will be removed. If we find you being a clan hopper in your application you probably won't even be accepted.

By logging on to our Website, gaming and voice servers, you have agreed to abide by the following terms and conditions. It is up to each member to stay up to date with these rules and these rules must be obeyed by all clan members. Violations of these rules will result in severe punishment such as kick or ban from the clan. Similarly you may also be removed entirely from Discord and/or Signal group and the website. 

These Rules can be changed or altered at any time and is the members responsibility to check and keep up to date of any changes made.